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Estimates are based on the number of pages, number of images, etc (listed in the estimate).  If the customer decides they want more or less pages, images, etc, the cost and timeline will be adjusted accordingly.

Unless noted otherwise, estimates are based on the assumptions:

  1. The customer will provide spell checked text in a form that can be copied and pasted.* Nature’s Grandeur Graphics will format the text.
  2. Any images provided by the customer will be in digital form.*
  3. After reviewing their website, the customer is expected to request some changes to the wording, formatting and/or graphics.  An allowance for these changes is included in the estimate.  If change requests are excessive, additional charges may be incurred.

* The following services are available (upon request, for an additional fee, if not listed in the estimate): spell checking, typing of text the customer provided in printed or image form, and scanning of printed images.


For new website development, a 50% down payment is required after the detailed design is defined and the fees are accepted.  The remainder is to be paid upon completion.  For large projects (over $1500) payments may be divided into more than two parts.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

The customer may cancel their order at any time.  The customer is entitled to use the graphics files created prior to their cancellation notice however they wish.  The customer agrees to pay for the service that has been provided prior to their order cancellation.  The customer’s deposit will be refunded minus the amount due for services provided prior to the cancellation notice.

Server Side Code

Code that executes on the server (e.g. PHP, CGI) is licensed for an individual website.  The customer agrees not to use it on other websites without written permission from Nature's Grandeur Graphics.

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