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Affordable Quality Website Design and Maintenance Services

Examples of websites by Nature's Grandeur Graphics:

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So how much does it cost?

Typical Website Design and Build Fees:

  • No Charge - initial phone consultation to help prospective client decide what they want on their website.
  • $50 - meet with client (in person or using the internet and phone) to select colors, font, menu, banner size, etc.
  • $50 - create the template page for the website. 
  • $15 to $25 per page - insert, format and revisions to text, links and menus.
  • $15 per picture - crop, resize, adjust colors, sharpen, optimize for quick download, embed on page).
  • $20 per page - Search Engine Optimization - evaluate keywords & insert them where search engines look.
  • $30 - embed map (from Google Maps, MapQuest, etc.) in page.
  • $30/hour -  custom graphics.
  • $30/hour - final review with customer and training.

As an example, a 2 page website with 2 pictures, text, an embedded map, and a simple banner, would cost about $250.

An example of a $500 website is one with 8 pages, 8 pictures, text, an embedded map, and simple custom graphics on the banner and menu.

Maintenance (updates/changes to website) $30/hour.

Other costs (I don’t provide these services):

  • Domain Registration typically costs about $10/year.
  • Domain Hosting typically costs $60 to $120/year.

Typical Website Design and Build Process

    1. Talk with prospective client to help them decide what they want on their website (pages, text, and images).
    2. Client writes text, identifies images for website.
    3. Meet with client to select graphics (colors, font, layout, menu, etc).  If meeting in person is inconvenient, we can use email.
    4. Provide detailed estimate to client.
    5. Client provides down payment
    6. Client registers domain name and site host.
    7. Build website (create files, format text, create graphics, upload to site host).
    8. Client reviews website, identifies changes.
    9. Make changes identified by client.
    10. Meet with client to review website and show client how to maintain website (if client wants to maintain it themselves).
    11. Provide final bill.
    12. Client provides final payment.

Graphic Design Services- digital images / artwork

Rate: $30 / hour


Highland Mary Lakes
After adjustments and optimization for quick download (34 KB)

Before adjustments, cropped picture from digital camera, 1/5 original resolution (173 KB)
(Click to download 2,068 KB original from digital camera)


Yantra based on a Lotus flower

Property Map
Map of ocean front rental property

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